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Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance Karratha

Mutli Service group specialise in industrial and commercial air conditioning installation and maintenance. We service operations in the Karratha and north west area. With over 13 years of experience, we know that large operations require specialist knowledge and expertise in developing efficient and reliable air conditioning systems.

Industrial Air Conditioning Installation

We offer a number of commercial and industrial air conditioning installation services, including:

  • Install of air conditioning units
  • Ducted units and controls
  • Air balancing and commissioning
  • Internal and external duct work
  • Project management
  • Detailed air condition systems design

Industrial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular, scheduled maintenance of air conditioners can help increase the longevity of the systems, improve the efficiency and avoid outages, which can be costly in time and money.

  • Replacement of package units
  • Relocation of pressurisation fans
  • Duct work modifications
  • Upgrading of air conditioning units
  • Commissioning and air balancing
  • Control upgrades
  • Diagnosis of faults
  • Replacement of parts and air filters
  • Inspection of duct work

After Hours Support

Multi Service Group is based locally in Karratha. Our team of licensed refrigeration technicians are also available on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies and outages for clients in the north west region. We can also provide out of hours maintenance and installation works to avoid any disruptions to our clients.

Looking for industrial air conditioning installation and maintenance in Karratha?

We’re specialists in air conditioning for industries such as mining, oil and gas, engineering and marine. We also service commercial customers. If your operation needs help with industrial air conditioning installation or maintenance, then contact us today.

Our commitment to safety is second to none. Multi Service Group aims to protect the health and wellbeing of our clients, contractors and employees. Ask us about our outstanding safety performance record and our new online, direct access quality and safety system with live reporting.