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Data and Communications Installation, Karratha

Multi Service Group delivers high quality data and communications cabling installation to all areas including commercial, industrial and marine in the Karratha and Pilbara regions. We’ve been providing communications services to the local area since 2002 and have extensive experience in servicing the needs of the mining, oil and gas, building services, food industries.

Communications installation services

Our data technicians can help your business or operation with following commercial or industrial communications installation services including:

    • Voice cabling
    • Data cabling
    • Data distribution boxes
    • Mains distribution frames
    • Internal distribution frames
    • Single or multiple outlets
    • Patch panel installation

If your operation or business is looking for reliable and quality communications installers, look no further than Multi Service Group. Contact us today to arrange one of our qualified data electricians to speak with you or schedule an onsite consultation.

Upgrade your onsite communications

Modern technology can deliver incredible Internet speeds, but only if your data infrastructure is up to date. The wall ports as well as the cabling used determines the delivery speed of data to your operation’s computers, registers and any other equipment that relies on the Internet. Slow data speeds can be frustrating and costly.

We can also check your pre-existing cabling and conduct any repairs to data cabling. Phone cabling can deterioate over time and can affect your call quality, but can also be responsible for any disconnections or interruptions. If you receive your Internet service through a phone line, this can also affect speeds and unexpected dropouts.  If you have slow or interrupted communications at your business, contact us today on (08) 9185 6599 to arrange an onsite consultation.

Need electrical work done?

Multi Service Group can also assist with any commercial or industrial electrical work you may need on site or for your business fit out. We’re licenced electrical contractors (EC006408) with an outstanding safety record.

Communications Installation Karratha